Breeze Pro StrawMelon Vape Flavors

If you’re looking for a good disposable vape, you should try the Breeze Pro StrawMelon. It’s a delicious and refreshing flavor that will make you want to vape all day long.

This next generation disposable vape from Breeze Smoke features an advanced Mesh Coil design. It offers more hits and smoother vapor for a better vaping experience.


Straw Melon by Breeze Pro is a fruit-based vape with a refreshing blast of menthol. It features a thoughtful fusion of strawberries, watermelons, and apples in the form of a scrumptious vape concoction that will surely tickle your taste buds.

Tropical Summer

Tropical Summer is a blend of exotic fruits and a fresh tropical hibiscus flavor. This tangy blend is the perfect way to relive your vacation dreams and stay refreshed all day long!

A delicious brew that’s perfect for any occasion, this refreshing tea can be served hot or iced. A refreshing combination of mango, passionfruit and lemon flavors blend well with South African rooibos to create a crisp, light and satisfying cup.

Vanilla Tobacco

Vanilla Tobacco is an extremely popular fragrance in the world of perfume making. The deep and luxurious smell of this fragrance oil is perfect for men and women.


The oldest of the tequila varieties, Anejo is a sipping tequila that is aged for at least one year in oak barrels. This process gives anejo tequila its distinctive amber color and smooth, rich flavor.

Banana Mint

Banana mint is a low growing variety of mint with bright green leaves that have a remarkable banana scent and flavour. It produces clusters of small lilac flowers in summer and is recognised as an excellent attractant and nectar source for bees.

Blue Raspberry

Blue raspberry is a summertime favorite that’s incredibly popular in popsicles, slushies, and candies.

Originally, this flavor was derived from the juice of white bark raspberries and is sometimes accompanied by bright blue food coloring to help differentiate it from cherry and strawberry flavored products.