Get a Taste of Winter: Candy King’s Frozen Pink Squares

Get a Taste of Winter: Candy King's Frozen Pink Squares

Candy King on Ice Pink Squares features an incredible flavor profile teamed up with tried and true satisfaction! Breathe in a burst of berry mix shaped into a soft chewy taffy candy, then rounded out with cool menthol!

On the inhale, succulent strawberries picked fresh from the vine frolic across the tongue, followed by pure candied sugariness. Then, the cool soothing menthol kicks in to deliver a sweet refreshing taste.


When it comes to crafting a truly legendary candy-inspired vape juice, very few can match the sheer accuracy and intense flavor that Candy King offers. Their extensive assortment of e-liquids features a wide variety of sweet and fruity flavor profiles, but it is their renowned Pink Squares profile that has captured the hearts of vapers from continent-to-continent.

This mouth-watering e-liquid offers the exemplary taste of your youth’s most beloved pink square candies, complemented by a cooling alleviating menthol finish that provides an extra dimension to this remarkable taste.

This refreshing iced variant of the popular Pink Squares e-liquid presents a succulent strawberry candy flavor that is bombarded with cool menthol hints. Breathe in the vapor and enjoy a succulent rush of pink berry candy that will delight your palate with each and every puff. This candy-menthol blend is perfect for any occasion. Available in a 100mL bottle.


The classic pink candy flavor everyone loves is finally available in a convenient vape bottle. Pink Squares features a juicy mix of strawberry, peach and gummy candy flavors that are paired together to create an outstanding taste everyone will love.

Dripmore’s Candy King line up features many popular candy and dessert flavors that can be found in every convenience store. This includes Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum, Berry Dweebz, Sour Worms, Catch, Swedish, Strawberry Belts and Lemon Drops. This is also the line up that features their refreshing menthol e juices for those who prefer a cold exhale.

The Candy King on Ice line of e-liquids provides the best combination of sugary sweets and fruity berries to create an excellent all day vape. The icy finish provides extra refreshment to these candy flavored vapors.

Mixed Fruits

This E Liquid is a spot on recreation of the pink chewy square candies that offers mouthwatering flavor. It is infused with cool menthol to deliver an icy finish that vapers love.

On the inhale, succulent strawberries soak the tongue, bringing a heady burst of juicy juiciness that vapers will be glad to experience. This is followed by pure candied sugariness that makes the mouth water like crazy.

Next comes a bramble of raspberries that entice the taste buds with their sweet and fruity aromas. As if this wasn’t enough, this is topped off by sour flavors that are just a little bit tart and a whole lot tasty. Pink Squares CANDY KING ON ICE from Candy King is a sensational take on the famous pink chewy square candy that is a home run for all the vape lovers. This juice is a perfect all-day-vape and it’s best enjoyed in a pod system. It is recommended for use at a low wattage.


A pink square candy infused with a refreshing touch of menthol that delivers the perfect balance between fruity and lip-smacking sugary taffy candy flavor. Candy King on Ice Pink Squares takes your favorite candy and gives it a refreshing icy touch that vapers around the world will enjoy.

Lavished with the delicious strawberry candy flavor that you know and love from your childhood, this e-liquid is one that vapers everywhere are sure to crave. It is a mouthwatering flavor that provides a delightful experience with every puff.

This gummy candy flavor will take your taste buds on a journey of succulent strawberries that have been freshly picked from the vines. As soon as you inhale, the strawberries will flood your tongue with their juiciness and leave you drooling. After that, the taffy candy will make its way across your palate, leaving you with the ultimate satisfaction. This e-liquid isn’t like other re-done strawberry candy flavors, as this one-of-a-kind profile is simply unmatched with its genuine intensity.